Plastic Bags

So far it seems that everything comes in a plastic bag.  Now, I didn’t support the ban on plastic bags in Seattle.  Plastic grocery bags are really useful for lots of things.  But this is a little ridiculous.  For example, I ordered Khanom Krok and some other things for breakfast this morning.  The Khanom Krok goes in a little tray.  Which goes in a little plastic bag and that goes in a bigger plastic bag.  Then the other things already come in a plastic bag but those go in another plastic bag which goes into the bigger plastic bag.

I did feel proud of myself for refusing a plastic bag at the grocery store today.  I just put the stuff directly into my backpack.

But maybe there is a reason for all the plastic bags.  All the scooters have a little hook below the steering column.  It’s really handy to hang all your goodies that came in plastic bags from that hook to drive them home.  Hmm….  Maybe I will start keeping a tally of how many plastic bags I use every day.

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