Ton Sai – Day 1 – 50%

Climbing shoes were acquired.  But it turns out that everyone wants to climb the easiest climb on the beach.  If I waited long enough to climb it the route would have been in the sun which would be no fun.  So I did not get to try “Schlingel Moritz”.

I looked up some other routes in the guide book and ended up at “Caroline’s Last Day”, rated 6a.  Should have been able to climb it but only got about half way as evidenced by my bailbiner:


It’s a fun climb that starts off pretty easy to clip a sling.  Then good holds up to a bolt.  Next is a bit of a cruxy section but the falls are clean (sorry to disappoint Mike, but I was not wearing a helmet).  Once past that are a couple more bolts of fun stemming with good holds and relatively easy climbing.  Then I had to bail.  There was 10 feet or so of climbing up to another sling.  The moves felt awkward to me and I didn’t have the confidence to do it 😦  I can’t remember the last time I climbed outside.  But it was probably early spring at exit 32 or 38 so I’m blaming my poor performance on that.  But I’m going to get what little of my lead head I had back and up my physical fitness a bit then come back to this and wonder why it gave me so much trouble.

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