Land of Smiles???

Thailand is known as the land of smiles.  I guess because the people are happy, polite, and carefree go with the flow attitude.  In general I’d say this is true.  Everyone I have encountered in a grocery store, restaurant, or street side food stand has been friendly, polite, and helpful.  This is typified in the “wai” traditional Thai greeting.

But on the roads it’s Pure Fucking Armageddon.  Thai drivers are rude, careless, reckless, selfish, inconsiderate, dangerous, psychopaths.  I ride the scooter like I rode my bicycle in Seattle, like nobody seems me and everyone is trying to kill me and so far I’ve been ok.  But I’ve seen lots of sketchy stuff on the roads.  Passing cars around blind corners is a big one.  I don’t mind treating the lane markers and traffic lights as a recommendation only.  It’s kind of convenient…  But one behavior that really annoys me is a car passing me, only to stop and turn left right after it passes me.  Is that really necessary?

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