Chong Phli – Day 3

After breakfast we headed over to Chong Phli again.  I guess Mad Skills 6b has become my project.  I led Zak Attack again to try Mad Skills on top rope since they share the same anchor.  I climbed Mad Skills twice each time with one take (an improvement over last time).  I also figured out some easier beta so I’m starting to get the moves dialed in.  It won’t be long before I can send it on lead and get those mad skills.

After climbing it was a quick stop at the room to clean up and drop off climbing gear then off to Krabi Town to eat a quick lunch at the Tesco Lotus and acquire refrigeration technology which will be delivered tomorrow.  I’m pretty stoked to be able to have a supply of cold beers in my room instead of having to go to 7-11 every time I want a cold snack.  7-11’s are really popular over here by the way.

For awhile I thought I was doing pretty good with the ants but now they are back despite my cleaning efforts.  At Tesco Lotus I also bought a little jar of cinnamon which I sprinkled all over the room.  Ants definitely do not like cinnamon but the ants currently giving me grief have most of their trail on the wall which the cinnamon does not stick to so I don’t think it’s going to do much other than make the room smell nice.  It might be time to deploy the nuclear option.

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