A Day in the Life

Here’s a typical day for me:

  1. My room is near a mosque.  So get woken up at 5:30 by the prayer call nearly every day then go back to sleep.
  2. The neighbors have chickens so get woken between 6:00 and 6:30 by the roosters crowing then go back to sleep.
  3. Actually wake up and get out of bed sometime between 7:30 and 8:00.
  4. Sweep the floor.
  5. Eat breakfast around 8:30.  Lately breakfast has consisted of Gai Tod (fried chicken), Khao Neuw (sticky rice), and Khanom Krok (coconut custard cupcakes).
  6. Go climbing and climb until I’m tired or the sun hits the wall and it gets too hot to climb.
  7. Eat something delicious for lunch.
  8. Back to my room.  Shower, take a nap.
  9. Go swimming at Nopparattara Beach – Much nicer than Ao Nang Beach and very close.
  10. Back to room.  Relax.
  11. Get a massage.
  12. Eat dinner.  Tonight it was Som Tum.
  13. Back to room.  Drink beer.  Fall asleep.

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