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My Bicycle

IMG_6274Well, I finally got a bicycle.  It’s not the Fuji Feather I was lusting after but it is a Fuji and it is a fixed gear.  The seat hurts a lot, and I want to put bullhorn handlebars on it.  I also need to add a front brake.  But so far I like it.  Though I have not felt the “mystical connection between a fixed-gear cyclist and bicycle” or some other bs fixed gear fanatics like to talk about.

Ao Nam Mao

Yesterday I went to Ao Nam Mao.  It’s about a 15 minute drive from Ao Nang.  There was some place called “Heaven-7”.  It was really weird.  It almost looks like an unfinished amusement park.  They were playing what I think the kids these days call EDM (Electronic Dance Music) really loud.  They also charge ฿50 to get in.  Not sure why.  There’s nothing to do except walk around.  But it’s on a big hill and at the top of the hill is a nice view of the Andaman Sea.


View from the top. Not sure if it was worth ฿50.

Next I decided to walk along the beach.  It was free and lots of fun.  There were all sorts of crazy rock formations.  I kept thinking there should be rock climbing here.  It would be lots of fun but people probably don’t climb here because access is dependent on the tide and the beach is very rocky.  But it was still fun to look at all the rocks.  Lots of stalactites, stalagmites, and this one section had a super huge roof section.


Though I am not good enough now, this looks like a lot of fun to climb.


A little cave I wedged myself into.


Definitely not Railay beach but the rocks are cool!

Thai Beer Part 2

How could I forget Tiger!?  It’s “World Acclaimed” according to the label and has a picture of a badass looking tiger with a palm tree in the background.  I picked up a couple bottles of this at 7-11 after dinner.  It’s a little expensive at around 58 Baht for a big bottle.  I think LEO is 53 and Chang is 50.  It tastes pretty good though.

Thai Beer

There are several beers available in Thailand.  Most of them are also brewed in Thailand.  They are all some variation on a light lager, pilsner-like beer.  The ones I’ve seen so far are:

  1. Singha, Note: The transliteration of Thai to English is very weird.  Thai people pronounce it “Sing”.  Not sure why the ‘a’ or “ha” was added.
  2. Chang, I drank a lot of this in San Francisco.
  3. Archa, Cheap!
  4. LEO, My go to beer here.
  5. Federbräu, Sounds German but it’s Thai!
  6. Heineken, Presumably brewed in Holland but I haven’t actually bought or looked close enough at a bottle to verify.
  7. Cheers, The inspiration for this post.

I’ve tasted most of the beers above and all of them rate ok to good.  In fact, I had Cheers before and thought it was decent.  Not sure what is going on tonight but definitely developed a solid dislike for the beer.  It had a weird metallic taste on the finish.  One of these days I’ll do a proper tasting and comparison of the Thai beers.  But for now, avoid Cheers.


Chong Phli – Pictures

From a couple days ago.


On Exfoliation 6a+. Actually leading something but doing it poorly.


Becca having a go at Exfoliation.


I climb so much better on top rope.



So easy!


Jonny cruising up McLovin 6b. Anong on EFZ 6a+. Amalia and myself belaying.


Having a go at McLovin.


Jonny loving McLovin!


Definitely a man! Jonny on Man or Mouse 7a+.


Sunset at Ao Nang Beach.  Photo by: Mikhail Koninin, CC BY-NC 2.0

Sunset at Ao Nang Beach. Photo by: Mikhail Koninin, CC BY-NC 2.0

Well, I could have taken this picture but instead I decided to go to yoga.  Watching sunsets is nice but it will just make me fat and weak.  Yoga will make me strong and flexible which is good for climbing.

After yoga we were hungry so had dinner at “Cheap Cheap Restaurant” in Ao Nang.  Dinner was 275 Baht which is cheap by standards back home and not too bad for Thailand either but I’ve spent as little as 100 Baht for dinner before.  Here’s what we had:

A bottle of water and rice – Not really worth taking a picture of.


Mango fruit shake.


Green curry with pork.


Tom Yum with mushrooms.