Chong Phli – Day 13

Lets see, it was a pretty low key day.  Met Jonny at the crag in the morning.  I got him to climb Mad Skills 6b and he did a great job onsighting it.  Then I climbed it like a boss on top rope.  Wait.  Can one climb like a boss on top rope?  Maybe not but I climbed it well.

Then we headed over to Man or Mouse 7a+.  Jonny really wanted to send this and I thought he was going to do it but he fell even before the first crux.  Then I flailed around on this for a bit on top rope.

Next, headed over to Exfoliation 6a+.  Someone kindly left their rope on it so I got to climb in on top rope.  Fun and relaxed.  Maybe I’ll actually send this thing.  At this point it’s all mental.  While Anong and I were climbing Exfoliation 6a+, Jonny was centering his Chi.

So, back to Man or Mouse 7a+.  Happy to report that Jonny climbed it well and got his send!  I had one more go with some new beta and did better than before so it felt good to make some progress, even if only a little.

1 thought on “Chong Phli – Day 13

  1. Kathryn

    Hi Kris: Your Dad forwarded me the link to your blog. Wow!!!! What an adventure…good for you and by the looks of it you are making every moment count! Have fun, stay safe, enjoy!
    I look forward to following your adventure….
    Aunt Kathryn



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