Khow Soy Restaurant

Ever since coming to Thailand, I’ve been on the hunt for Khao Soy.  Note, there is not a standard transliteration of Thai to English that everyone follows so I’ve seen this spelled all sorts of different ways.  I put a deposit down on a bicycle in Krabi Town this afternoon.  Coming back into Ao Nang, I was intending to eat dinner at Ton Sai Restaurant which I had heard good things about.  But I noticed right next door to it is Khow Soy Restaurant.  I thought it would be odd to name your restaurant after a Northern Thai dish and not serve it so I thought I would give it a try.

Sure enough, they had Khow Soy on the menu.  It tasted a little different than I had in Seattle and San Francisco but was still really delicious.  The chicken was super tender and flavorful.  Vibrant flavors from the coconut based curry and I really like the contrast in textures with the egg noodles and crispy noodles on the top.  One minor criticism of the dish is that it was not spicy enough but that is easily fixed with some red pepper flakes.


Poh Pia Tod – aka Spring Rolls


Sai Ua


Khow Soy

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