Thai Beer

There are several beers available in Thailand.  Most of them are also brewed in Thailand.  They are all some variation on a light lager, pilsner-like beer.  The ones I’ve seen so far are:

  1. Singha, Note: The transliteration of Thai to English is very weird.  Thai people pronounce it “Sing”.  Not sure why the ‘a’ or “ha” was added.
  2. Chang, I drank a lot of this in San Francisco.
  3. Archa, Cheap!
  4. LEO, My go to beer here.
  5. Federbräu, Sounds German but it’s Thai!
  6. Heineken, Presumably brewed in Holland but I haven’t actually bought or looked close enough at a bottle to verify.
  7. Cheers, The inspiration for this post.

I’ve tasted most of the beers above and all of them rate ok to good.  In fact, I had Cheers before and thought it was decent.  Not sure what is going on tonight but definitely developed a solid dislike for the beer.  It had a weird metallic taste on the finish.  One of these days I’ll do a proper tasting and comparison of the Thai beers.  But for now, avoid Cheers.


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