Ton Sai – Day 2, Caroline is a B…

Well, I’ve been climbing a lot at Chong Phli and felt like mixing things up so headed over to Ton Sai for the day.  I got the new guide book at Basecamp Tonsai.  It has some new info and new walls in it so I think it will be helpful.


Waiting for the boat to Ton Sai.

Anyways, thought I would give Caroline’s Last Day 6a another try.  I was there a little early which meant the sun was shining on the wall and it was very hot.  Luckily after the third bolt the rest of the climbing was in the shade.  Well, that didn’t matter since I basically got stuck at the same spot as last time.  I made it a few feet higher than my previous high point but didn’t have the confidence to climb a few more feet to make the next clip so I down climbed and rappelled off the bolt to avoid losing another carabiner.

Feeling dejected and a little hungry, I decided it was time for lunch.  Ran in to Becca after lunch and learned that Jonny and Amalia were climbing Humanality which is one of the classic multi-pitch climbs on Ton Sai so we headed over that way and got there in time to see them coming down.  Chatted with them for a bit.  Then I was going to head over to Railay to find some easier climbing but remembered my plan to climb Schlingel Moritz 6a from last time and decided to give it a try if nobody was on it.

Sure enough, in the afternoon nobody is climbing on this wall since in the afternoon it has full exposure to the sun.  I guess I didn’t learn my lesson from this morning or just like baking in the sun.  After a burly start, I cruised on up to the anchor.  Happy with how I climbed it, it went fairly easy.  So feeling better about my climbing now.  I tried this same climb a year and a half or so ago (actually, according to Mountain Project, it was April 16, 2013) and failed to send.  Now it felt easy so it’s nice to know that I have improved since then.


The anchor at Schlingel Moritz 6a


View from the top. This is what climbing in Thailand is all about!

Then headed over to Railay to relax with a cold drink and catch the boat back to Ao Nang.

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