Chong Phli – Day 15

Back in familiar territory.  Met a guy from Austria who had been living in Singapore for climbing today.  I thought I wouldn’t get much climbing in since there were three of us but actually got in quite a bit of climbing.  I didn’t climb anything new but had fun climbing on familiar rock.

First warmup on Simon Sends 4+.  This route is really easy so I was skipping lots of bolts then when I figured I might as well clip something, I reach down to grab a quickdraw and realize I forgot to bring any with me.  Oops!  Luckily there were some people getting ready to climb next to us so I down climbed a little bit then Martin handed them a few draws and they passed them up to me.  Crisis averted!

Then headed over to Zak Attack 5.  Martin has climbed a lot previously but is just getting back into it after not climbing for a few years.  He did a great job leading it.  Then Anong climbed it on top rope and needed almost no assistance.  It’s fun to see her improving and getting stronger.  Next, I was going to climb in on top rope but decided I should not be lazy and lead it.  Went well.

Then we tried Mad Skills 6b on top rope to relax but try something harder.  I crushed it again and continue to refine the beta.  I should lead it again.

Then moved a little to the left and got on EFZ 6a+.  By the time we were done with this one the sun was creeping on to the wall telling us it was time to stop climbing and eat lunch.

So back to the room, I ate a pb&j sandwich and took a little nap.

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