Chong Phli – Day 16

Anong and I met Martin at Chong Phli this morning.  There was a good number of people there but EFZ 6a+ was open and we did laps on that.  I led it twice and top roped it once.  I think I could climb this thing blindfolded now.  Martin also climbed it 3 times and is starting to get the beta figured out.  After this, we headed over to Simon Sends 4+.  Martin led it.  Anong climbed it on top rope.  I climbed it on top rope in sandals.  After this Martin had to go and I was debating whether or not to try to send Exfoliation 6a+.  But some other climbing friends I met at yoga were also climbing today so I thought I’d see what they were up to while I decided what I wanted to do.  They were finishing up a climb on Pill Box 6b+.  They offered to let me try it on top rope so I decided to be lazy and climb something harder on top rope rather than lead something easier.  It was a fun climb and happy that I climbed it clean on the first try.  I think I could lead it but I’ll wait to try until I actually send Exfoliation 6a+ and Chutzpah 6a+.

Today was a busy day.  After climbing we went back to the room and had a quick lunch.  Then I went to school.  I continue to learn simple sentences and some vocabulary.  Probably the coolest thing I learned today is how to spell my name in Thai.  It is: คริส and it is pronounced like: kres.  Apparently there is no short ‘i’ sound in Thai.  The letters are also pretty cool.  They are:

  • ค – kaw kwai.  Makes a ‘k’ sound and means “buffalo”.
  • ริ – raw rua.  Makes a ‘r’ sound with short ‘e’ sound and means “boat”.
  • ส – saw sua.  Makes a ‘s’ sound and means “tiger”.

So I will also answer to “buffalo boat tiger”.

After school I went to yoga.  Today was my 9th class.  I keep waiting for it to get easier but it doesn’t seem to be and I still can’t say I enjoy it.  But I signed up for a month long membership today so I need to go at least 18 times to get value out of the membership.  My plan is to go every day…

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