Chong Phli – Day 18

There are two other 6a+ rated climbs at Chong Phli I have not done yet.  The first is Chutzpah.  I’ve been on it but have not led it cleanly.  The first time I climbed it was a bit of a shit show.  I struggled on the start then had to rest after every clip.  The second remaining 6a+ is called Round the Bend.  I never see anyone climbing it so maybe it’s not that good.  I suppose I’ll try it one of these days but I’m not in any hurry.

Today, Anong and I climbed with Martin again.  We warmed up on Simon Sends 4+ the moved over to Chutzpah 6a+.  I climbed it much better this time.  Only resting twice and was also able to make it to the correct anchor instead of traversing to the anchor for the next cimb over.  Happy to see myself improving even if only in small steps.  6b’s are not far away!

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