It’s funny how some things in Thailand are really cheap.  Other things, not so cheap.  For example, bicycles and bicycle parts are the same price or more in Thailand as in America.  A pint of Black Cock, White Spirit is $2.37.  Pretty cheap.  I don’t think I’ve ever seen booze that cheap back home.  This bottle of wine on the other hand that I’ve been drinking is ฿580 or about $18.  Now $18 for a bottle of wine isn’t very much but a quick google search shows this bottle of wine goes for about $10 in America.  Beer, even Thai produced beer also isn’t that cheap.  I can get a six pack of Rainier in America for less than I pay for an equivalent amount of Chang.  I guess the Thai government doesn’t want people to drink a lot of alcohol.  Seems reasonable since most Thais drive like they are drunk.  Half of them probably are.

So, about this $10 bottle of wine that cost me $18.  It’s a 2011 Long Neck Shiraz, from Australia.  When I poured my first glass, I took a moment to wonder what this wine would taste like.  You see, I really like wine and it’s been over two months since I’ve had any.  The best wine tasting experience I ever had.  Not joking.  Was while playing a game of round rossi with a gallon of Carlo Rossi Hearty Burgundy with friends and co workers after a day of hiking and ice climbing on Mt. Hood.  I was wondering, could this wine top that?  Sadly it did not.  My first thought was this tastes like cheap wine.  Not sure how to describe the taste but all cheap wine has it.  But now that I’m most of the way though the bottle, here’s a tasting note:

Deep, slightly brickish red color.  Initially very closed.  After some time there are faint aromas of leather and some dried cherry or blueberries.  If I try hard enough, I could trick myself into thinking I was drinking a Rhone wine.  On the palate, the wine is tart with underripe flavors.  Almost medium body.  I can say there is some tannin.  And there is a finish.  Overall, this wine is drinkable but that’s about it.  It also does not pair well with spicy Thai food.  But it was ok with grilled chicken.  I give it a score of 77 points.  I think I paid $12 too much 😦

But, it is wine and it’s been a long time since I had any.  So I am still enjoying the bottle.

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