Day 26 climbing at Chong Phli.  I climbed all my 6a+’s.  Exfoliation, Chutzpah, and EFZ.  I also wanted to do Zak Attack and Mad Skills but ran out of time and was getting hungry.  After climbing, we went back to the room, ate lunch, then took a nap.

It’s been pretty hot here during the day.  34C (93F) during the day and around 25C (77F) at  night.  I needed a light blanket to keep from getting too hot at night so went to Tesco Lotus in Krabi Town to get a light blanket / sheet and some other things.  I also got a bucket and some rice (to make my fingers strong) and a few other random things.


At checkout, everything went into a plastic bag.  Even the rice that was already in its own plastic bag.  The cashier was going to put the bucket in a bag too but I said it wasn’t necessary.  One bag saved.  It’s funny how I went from a city that banned plastic bags to a country that can’t give them away fast enough.  The drive home was stressful, having to deal with a lot of selfish, dangerous Thai drivers.  I made it home unscathed but feeling frazzled.

Luckily I made it home in time to go to yoga which was good because I needed some time to relax.  When it was time for Shavasana (my favorite part of yoga class), I realized I had not thought about trying to understand why Thais drive like they are trying to kill themselves and everyone else for at least 40 minutes.  Really, I had not thought about much at all.  It felt nice to clear the mind.

Now, it is time for bed and to recover from today’s activities.  The goal for tomorrow is to get to the top of McLovin 6b.

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