I learned about this place called Makro a few days ago.  Today I went there.  I’m not really sure what I was expecting but I thought it would be like Tesco Lotus or Big C.  Instead, it was more like Costco back home.  Anyways, inside was really amazing.  They have a lot of western food (cheese, wine, salami, pancake syrup!) that other stores do not carry. They also have a lot of Thai items that are also not common in other stores.  So this place will probably become my shopping mecca.

Tonight I am eating cheese for the first time in almost 3 months.  I got some Gouda.  It’s ok but I thought it would be better.  Sadly, I am not drinking wine.  I was going to buy a bottle but was told I could not purchase it because it was past 5pm even though it was only about 3:30pm.  I’m not sure what was going on there.

If anybody was wondering, here is the word for “cheese” in Thai: ชีส.  Here’s how to pronounce it:

  1. ชี – Chaw Chang (elephant), makes “ch” sound.  Plus the vowel that makes the same sound as “ee” in see.
  2. ส – Saw Seua (tiger), make “s” sound.

So it’s looking like this is pronounced “chees”.  But wait!  Apparently syllables in the Thai language never end with an ‘s’ sound.  So a Thai person would pronounce this as “cheet”.  And now I know why whenever my teacher says “fish” it sounds more like “fid” or “fit”.

In addition to the cheese, I also got a bottle of Log Cabin maple syrup.  I think it cost almost $9!  But I’m going to have pancakes tomorrow morning for breakfast and they are going to be delicious.

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