Railay – Day 2

We got on a boat to spend a couple days on Railay and meet up with Mostafa (guy I met through mountainproject.com).  We arrived to Railay a little before 9am, found Mostafa at the resort he was staying at and ate breakfast.  Then it was off to Wee’s Present Wall for some climbing.


Morning longtail boat to Railay.

We climbed a lot of things.  Yoga friend Erica also met us at the wall a little later.

  1. I Don’t Know 6a – Onsight, Still sharp rock but a better climb.
  2. Hello Christine 6a+ – Toprope, Awkward moves near the start.  Rest of the climb is good though.
  3. Milky Way 7a – Toprope, Shares the same anchor as Hello Christine 6a+.  Fun to try something hard but I could only do the first couple moves.
  4. A Man Can Tell A Thousand Lies 6a – Onsight, Really fun chimney-like climb.  A little runout but easy climbing.
  5. Same Same But Different 6b+ – Toprope, Very difficult start.  The rest of the route is fun though.
  6. Roi Et 6a – Onsight, Very sharp rock.  Not a lot of fun.
  7. Ling Rong Hei 6b+ – Toprope, Fun climb that follows a crack most of the way to the top.

Anong showing us how to climb a chimney on A Man Can Tell A Thousand Lies 6a.


Erica leading Same Same But Different 6b+.


Uncool toprope of Hello Christine 6a+.

When we finished at Wee’s Present Wall, we ate lunch then headed over to 1-2-3 / Muay Thai Wall and climbed a couple more things.

  1. Nuat Hin 6a+ – Onsight, Fun climb up into a cave.  A little pumpy in the middle.
  2. Make A Way 6a+ – Onsight, Super stoked to get the onsight.  Jug haul to the top with a ballancy section in the middle.

Onsight Nuat Hin 6a+.


Mostafa looking like a boss on Nuat Hin 6a+.


Onsight Make A Way 6a+.

After Climbing, Anong, Mostafa, and I walked to Ton Sai to find a room.  Got a massage, ate dinner, drank beer, and saw a fire show.  It was a pretty good day.

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