Ton Sai – Day 3

I woke up this morning and could barely move.  Yesterday was a lot more climbing than I usually do.  After breakfast I was feeling a little better and we headed over to Ton Sai Wall to warm up on Cowabungalow 6b.  Then we moved down the beach.  Mostafa put up No Name 6c on Dum’s Kitchen.  I tried it but couldn’t get past the start :(.  Then over to Schlingel Moritz 6a.  Failed on the start of that one too.  But with a very aggressive spot, I was able to send 🙂

By this time the sun was starting to hit the wall so we headed over to Railay to eat lunch and do one more climb on 1-2-3 Wall.  Mostafa put up We Sad 6a+ then I climbed it on top rope.  Needed another very aggressive spot to get up on the stalactite.


Mostafa crushing Cowabungalow 6b.


It looks like I’m running but I’m not. Getting started on Cowabungalow 6b.


We Sad 6a+ that I climbed this on toprope.

What’s up with all the hard starting climbs today???

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