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Learning the Thai language can be intimidating.  Especially when learning there are 44 consonants, 32 vowels, 5 tones, various other symbols, and weird sounds.  But now that I’ve been studying it for about three months and starting to get an understanding of the basics, I’m realizing that Thai really isn’t that hard to learn.  But every now and then I come across something that makes me think this language has it out for me.  For example:

  • ใกล้ = near
  • ไกล = far

These words mean opposite things but sound exactly the same!  Well, except for the tone.  ใกล้ is pronounced “glai” with a falling tone.  ไกล is pronounced “glai” with a mid tone.  Also interesting is that ใกล้ has the vowel ‘ใ’ ai mái-múan which I’m told only 20 words in the Thai language have.  ไกล has the vowel ‘ไ’ ai mái-má-lai which many words have.  Both vowels make the same “ai” sound.

Chong Phli – Day 48

Warm up on EFZ 6a+.  Led it once then climbed 3 more times on top rope.  Then I was thinking of just taking it easy and putting up Zak Attack 5 but decided I shouldn’t slack off and climbed McLovin 6b instead.  Happily redpointed it.  Then climbed one more time on top rope to clean and move the anchor over to Momentum 6b.  Surprisingly, my foot slipped and I fell on one of the easiest sections of the route.  Then climbed Momentum 6b once on top rope.  By this time the sun was on the wall and it was time to call it a day.


Yesterday was Anong’s birthday so we went out and did a few fun non-climbing things.  We slept in then went to the Catfish Farm.  It’s sort of like a zoo.  They have lots of catfish obviously and a few other animals.  It costs ฿50 to get in and they also give you some food for feeding the fish.  It was fun throwing the fish food in the lake and watching the fish try to be the first one to eat it.

IMG_6657Next we went to lunch.  I don’t remember the name of the place but it was on the way back from the catfish farm.  The food was pretty good but the best part was it was next to a creek and under a canopy of trees so it was relatively cool.  The weather has been quite hot this week.  Getting up to around 37C.

After lunch we went back to the room to relax for a bit then went out and got massages.  There are dozens of places to get a massage in Ao Nang and most of them are pretty cheap with an hour long massage costing ฿200 to ฿300.  Quality of the massage is hit or miss but it’s usually not bad.  When paying for the massages I was reminded that not every Thai person is out to scam the tourists.  I accidently gave a ฿1000 note instead of ฿100 note and the lady let me know I gave her too much.

After the massages we went back to the room again to get cleaned up for dinner at Lae Lay Grill.  The food is pretty good but the view is amazing.


Chong Phli – Day 47

  1. Warm up on EFZ 6a+.  Anong led it first.  Then I led and cleaned it.
  2. Top rope Momentum 6b
  3. Top rope Family Affair 6c

It was fun to try Family Affair 6c again.  2 or 3 months ago I climbed it and really struggled at the two crux sections.  Today I still did not make it through the crux sections cleanly but did so faster and easier than last time.  Glad to see some improvement.

Chong Phli – Day 46

Climbing yesterday was fun.  We only climbed 3 routes but got in a decent amount of climbing.  Warm up on Zak Attack 5.  Anong also led it without me hanging any extra slings on the bolts.  Then we did Mad Skills 6b on top rope.  First Anong climbed it.  She struggled at the crux but eventually got up to the anchor.  Then I tried it and it felt pretty easy.  Anong tried again and did a little better than the first time.  I forgot to clean the anchor so decided to lead it and got the redpoint.  The send felt good.  I feel like it’s been awhile since I’ve climbed a 6b.  Then we moved over to EFZ 6a+.  I led it then Anong led it.  Though it’s a bit soft for the grade, it’s her first 6a+ redpoint!  It’s fun to see her improving so fast.  In a few months she might be better than me!

Chong Phli – Day 45

Wow.  Today was hot!  About 90F in the shade, humid, and very little wind.  Warmed up on McLovin 6b.  Took a small fall near the top.  The heat just sucks out my strength and endurance.  Then climbed EFZ 6a+.