Chong Phli – Day 40!

Warm up on Zak Attack 5 and EFZ 6a+.  Then Anong wanted to try McLovin 6b so we headed over there.  I’ve climbed this before but it has been a couple weeks.  For some reason I was feeling apprehensive about climbing it.  It went fine and I redpointed it.  Then Anong gave it a try.  The start is a little difficult so I had to help her a lot but the rest of the route she did pretty good on.  It’s cool to see her improving.  Then I climbed it one more time and moved the rope over to the anchor for Momentum 6b.  Even though this route is supposed to be easier than McLovin 6b I have not climbed it cleanly yet.  Maybe because every time I’ve tried climbing it is at the end of the day and I’m tired.

Tomorrow will be a rest day (school) then planning to go to Ton Sai on Thursday.

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