Pratyahara is the 5th limb of yoga.  Googling reveals it means control of the senses.  This page says pratyahara means to sever the link between your senses and your mind.  Well, tonight in yoga class, there were a lot of scantily clad skinny white women wearing almost nothing and one wearing see through yoga pants.  I took this as an opportunity to work on Pratyahara and isolating my sense of sight from my mind.  I can’t say I was successful.  I require much more practice isolating my senses from my mind.

1 thought on “Pratyahara

  1. kph76 Post author

    Tonight I was given another chance to practice Pratyahara. There were no skinny white women in class today. Just skinny Thai women. But Thai women dress conservatively for yoga. Typically they wear some sort of legging that is not see through and a tank top. So it is less of a visual distraction. However, there was the girl who was answering her phone every 5 or 10 minutes in class. At least it was silent and she went outside to talk.



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