Chong Phli – Day 47

  1. Warm up on EFZ 6a+.  Anong led it first.  Then I led and cleaned it.
  2. Top rope Momentum 6b
  3. Top rope Family Affair 6c

It was fun to try Family Affair 6c again.  2 or 3 months ago I climbed it and really struggled at the two crux sections.  Today I still did not make it through the crux sections cleanly but did so faster and easier than last time.  Glad to see some improvement.

5 thoughts on “Chong Phli – Day 47

  1. Mike Gruber

    I don’t see Family Affair 6C on your list of sends. So when you say you “climbed” it before, that means you “climbed on it”, but not straight through from top to bottom. When can you claim a send for a climb?



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