Chong Phli – Day 50, 51, and 52

I have not written about climbing for a few days because there have been no breakthroughs.  Some small improvements though.  Let’s see.  On Tuesday I think I warmed up on EFZ 6a+ then did Buzzsaw 6b.  Since Seesaw 6b+ shares the same anchor then I tried it.  Well, there is a bird that lives up there and sometimes it gets angry.  At the crux move I felt/saw something brush over my left hand.  Then a few seconds later my head.  Decided I did not need to finish so lowered down.  These are fun routes to climb but that bird adds some stress I don’t need.

Thursday was just some laps on EFZ 6a+.  But I decided I should do more downclimbing.  So I led once and down climbed once.  Then a couple more times on top rope.

Today was fun.  Led Exfoliation 6a+ once and once more on top rope.  I think I finally found some beta that make the crux move easier for me.  Then climbed the route to the right of it which I think is called Devil’s Backbone 6b on top rope.  I got a little confused near the anchor.  Lesson learned.  Stay left instead of right.  Then finally it was back to EFZ 6a+.  Lead once then up and down climb two more times on top rope.  Got a good workout today.

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