The Chickens

Here is another set of consonants that are hard for me to keep straight.  The first one, “gaw gài” is easy for me to remember.  It’s the first letter of the alphabet and looks kind of like a chicken head.  Gài is the Thai word for chicken so that makes this one pretty easy to remember.  The rest are all variations of gaw gài and don’t look like their names so they are harder to remember.  Here they are.

  1. ก gaw gài, chicken, middle class, final = k
  2. ฌ chaw cheu, tree, low class, final = t
  3. ญ yaw ying, woman, low class, final = y
  4. ฎ daw chá-daa, crown, middle class, final = t
  5. ฏ dtaw bpà-dtàk, spear, middle class, final = t
  6. ณ naw neen, young monk, low class, final = n
  7. ถ tǎw tǔng, bag, high class, final = t
  8. ภ paw sǎm-pao, ship, low class, final = p
  9. ฤ sara ru
  10. ฤๅ sara ruu
  11. ฦ sara lu
  12. ฦๅ sara luu

Here is a handy unicode chart for all the Thai characters.

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