Bat Cave – Day 1

Yesterday for Easter, Anong, Martin, and Dorothy went to the Bat Cave wall for a day of climbing.  We met at Arawan Krabi Beach Resort to rent kayaks for ฿200 then paddled for about 15 minutes to the beach where the climbing wall is.  When the tide is low it’s possible to walk to the climbing wall from Ao Nam Mao (or Railay East) but getting kayaks was a good idea since we didn’t have to worry about the tide and getting stuck at the wall.  Note to self: kayaks are easier to paddle when they are pointed in the right direction.


Here’s the beach by the climbing wall. The climbing spot is about 50 yards behind the trees.


Stashed kayaks.

The climbing at this wall is really fun with 4 routes ranging from 6a to 6b+.  Perfect for me.  We took it easy so only climbed the two easiest routes.


On Mini Kingdom 6a past the crux.

Mini Kingdom 6a is a fun route.  It’s got a pretty good overhang to it all the way up but the grade is only 6a.  That means there are a ton of big handholds.  If any climb could be described as a jug haul, this one is it.  I climbed it once on lead but did not send because I decided to take some practice falls on the bolt just before the crux.  It’s a good route to practice falling since it’s well protected and the falls are clean.  I’ll get the redpoint next time.  I also climbed it 2 or 3 more times on top rope.

Pick Pockets 6a+ is also fun.  Shares the same start as Mini Kingdom 6a but follows line to the left.  It’s not quite as overhanging but some of the handholds are a bit smaller and near the top there are some slightly reachy moves.  Only climbed on top rope (twice I think).

The best part of the day?  Lunch at Arawan!  There is an amazing view overlooking the water at Ao Nam Mao Pier.  The food is also pretty good and reasonably priced for such a nice looking resort.  Most dishes are ฿100.  There is also a swimming pool that lunch guests can also used.  Unfortunately I was not prepared with a bathing suit  but next time I will.  Overall a fun day and will be heading back to this climbing wall and lunch / swimming spot.


Lunchtime view.

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