Chong Phli – Day 61

Warm up on EFZ 6a+.  Anong led it first then I led it and cleaned.  It’s really nice when someone else can hang the quickdraws for you.  It started to rain just as I was getting on the climb.  Luckily not very hard and was thinking maybe we would only get in one climb today.  When I got back down to the ground the rain was tapering off and the rock was staying dry so we decided to stay and do another.  We moved one route to the left and I started up McLovin 6b.  I was a little apprehensive about redpointing it even though I have done it a few times before.  It’s been a little while and I had to relearn some of the beta.  Then there were some flies and a spider hanging around on a hand hold mid way up that I like to take a short rest on.  Not wanting to deal with the local wildlife I skipped the rest and climbed through it.  The rest of the climb was fairly uneventful and I made it to the top but I was pretty tired and sweating a lot.

My elbow has been hurting a little bit.  This is not good for kicking Mike’s ass in a pullup competition when I get home.  An online search for taping / support led to a product called KT Tape.  It’s basically stretchy athletic tape that is extra sticky.  I tried the application recommended by KT Tape but it honestly didn’t feel like it provided much if any support.  So a little experimentation led to this.  It’s half of what KT Tape recommends plus wrapping a couple strips around the forearm like a counterforce brace.  It actually feels like it adds some support and my elbow feels pretty good today after climbing.  But I think I could achieve the same result with regular athletic tape for about 1/10th the cost.


Obscenely expensive KT Tape for my elbow.

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