Bat Cave – Day 2

Today I woke up with a hangover.  I drink a lot less alcohol than I used to and no longer drink alcohol every day.  But last night I felt like imbibing a little bit and had two 500ml cans of Chang Export.  I think this is basically Thai malt liquor even though the can says it’s only 5% alcohol.  I suspect it is higher.  Maybe I should start drinking every day again so I don’t get a hangover after only two cans of beer.

So the day started off low energy but I was pretty stoked to climb at the Bat Cave wall again with Martin and Dorothy.  There are four fun climbs there right in my grade range.  We met at Arawan Resort to rent kayaks then paddled over to the wall.  I had grand thoughts of sending the two 6a’s and leading one of the 6b’s today but those plans were quickly abandoned after the first climb.  I did successfully redpoint Mini Kingdom 6a which I was happy about.  I struggled to figure out the beta at the crux for a minute but the rest of the climb was easy and straightforward.  When I got down my energy level was pretty low so my new plan was to just do some laps on top rope of the other climbs.

So the next climb I did was Tai don’t die 6b.  I found the start to be a little awkward with dirty rock but up higher the rock is nice.  There is one cruxy section in the middle then easier climbing at the top with an exposed move at the end to get to the anchor.  Next I climbed Don’t kill Killer 6b+.  This has a fun start and consistent 6a to 6a+ climbing to the middle of the route where the crux is.  It took me a long time to get past this but a few powerful moves leads to easier climbing at the top then the same finish as Tai Don’t die 6b.  I climbed Don’t kill Killer 6b+ a second time and made it through the crux much quicker.

In total, I think I only did 5 or 6 pitches.  I wanted to do more but I think the changover and overhanging climbs might have been a reason for my low performance today.  I was pretty wiped out after climbing and enjoyed a swim and nice lunch at Arawan.


Gaeng ga-rii gai (Thai: แกงกะหรี่ไก่)

After lunch, Anong and I headed back to our room.  I thought I was going to miss yoga but got back just in time to gather my things and head off to class.  I should have just stayed home since I was still very tired from climbing and full from the late lunch / early dinner.  Happily I made it through class without embarrassing myself.

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