Interrogative adjectives

The cool thing about learning a new language is that I also get to re-learn grammar for my native language.  If somebody asked me what an “interrogative adjective” was a day ago I would not have had any idea.  But now I do!  Interrogative adjectives are words like “what”, “which”, and “whose”.  We learned about those three words in class today.

  • What (Thai: อะไร, à-rai)
  • Which (Thai: อันไหน, an-nǎi)
  • Whose (Thai: ของใคร, kǎwng-krai)

Here are some sample sentences using these words:

  • What do you want to do? (Thai: คุณอยากทำอะไร, kun yàak tam à-rai).
  • Which book do you want to read? (Thai: คุณอยากอ่านหนังสือเล่มไหน, kun yàak àan nǎng-sěu lêm-nǎi).  Note that in this sentence the word for “which” is เล่มไหน (lêm-nǎi) because เล่ม (lêm) is the classifier for the word “book”.
  • Whose house are you going to? (Thai: คุณไปบ้านของใคร, kun bpai bâan kǎwng-krai).

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