I’ve done almost no climbing in three weeks while I let my elbow heal and get stronger.  I did go to Chong Phli on the 31st to climb with a guy I met at yoga who was looking for a partner.  My plan was to take it easy so I just climbed Zack Attack 5 and EFZ 6a+.  That was going to be it but my other friend was there and needed me to finish McLovin 6b for him so I climbed most of that route on top rope and led only the last 2 or 3 bolts to the anchor.  I felt a little pain in my elbow the next day but it wasn’t a lot.

I’ve been doing a few exercises to strengthen the elbow.  I use a 4 pound sledge hammer and a Theraband Flexbar.  My elbow has been feeling pretty good lately so decided to give climbing a try today.  I was thinking I’d do EFZ 6a+ and Chutzpah 6a+ today.  Annoyingly I felt a little pain in my elbow when belaying so decided to take it easy and just stick with EFZ 6a+.  Looks like I still need to stay away from climbing.

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