Don’t Take a Dump

It’s always fun reading signs that are in Thai and English.  I haven’t seen any horribly bad translations but there are definitely a few that have raised an eyebrow.

  1. From a roadside fruit stand near my room in Ao Nang.  Here is a sign selling pineapples.  ฿15 per pineapple or a little bit less than 50 cents.  Pretty good.  No apples or pies were to be found.
  2. This is a sign in the Krabi Immigration parking lot.  The Thai script basically says “Parking lot for people who come to contact the government office”.  May I suggest simply “Visitor Parking”.
  3. IMG_7178Here’s a sign on Poda Island.  I find this very funny for childish reasons.  A mostly literal translation of the Thai script says “It is forbidden to dump trash of all kinds within the national park.  People who infringe will be penalized according to the law”.  Also note the oddly placed comma after “law”.  A better translation would be “It is forbidden to dump trash.  Violators will be prosecuted”.  Or simply “No dumping!  Violators will be prosecuted.”
  4. IMG_7105Here’s a sign at Wat Sai Thai.  I haven’t translated the Thai script yet but I really want to know what this marine transgression was and if the sea has been properly punished for its crimes.

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