Chong Phli – Day 68

From August 14th.  It’s rainy season in Thailand.  That means sometimes it rains.  A lot.  Even though it has been sunny and hot for a couple days, the entire middle and right side of Chong Phli is wet.  I suppose some of the routes could be climbed but it wouldn’t be much fun.


Buzzsaw / Seesaw.  Higher up is dry but the first several meters looks like a swamp.


The start of EFZ. The one I climb all the time. See that black and green rock? It’s wet, slimy, and very slippery.

I contemplated climbing Chutzpah 6a+.  It looked a little damp at the start but not too bad.  Up high looked questionable with some black possibly very slippery rock so it was over to Exfoliation 6a+ which was nice and dry.  We climbed laps on it until the sun came onto the wall and it got too hot to climb.  I think I climbed it 5 times.

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