Railay – Day 9

Diamond Cave again.  I wanted to redeem myself on Chock Dee 6a.


Chock Dee 6a. Today’s objective.  It goes up and to the left then finishes under the tree.

Thankfully I was able to redpoint it without any problem.


Looking down after I climbed it a second time to clean.


Here’s where I got confused last time. The rock says go right but the bolts say go left.

After finishing up Chock Dee 6a I wanted to climb Keep The Jam, Man 6a again but some other people were on it.  I decided to give No Name 6a+ a try.  Based on my poor onsight performance of the 6a’s on this wall I wasn’t feeling super confident of sending this route.  But somehow I did it.  Near the crux I was feeling the pump and considered falling but decided to stick with it and somehow I got through it.  So I was pretty happy with the onsight and it helped boost my confidence.

Then I decided to climb the 6b to the right (also named “No Name”).  The anchor was pretty close to No Name 6a+ so I just moved the rope over.  I was feeling confident from my previous climb but also tired so I didn’t want to lead a 6b.

The start of No Name 6b is difficult and bouldery.  Once up and on the little ledge the climbing is a little easier but it is consistent and sustained.  It’s a fun short climb.


The start of No Name 6b.


Looking straight up from No Name 6b

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