Climbing! Railay! Bat Cave!

The past month or so I haven’t been able to climb much.  The weather had been pretty bad.  Raining a lot.  Or I’ve had some form of injury.  I did something to my shoulder a few weeks ago but now it’s finally better.  Then there is the delicate balance with my elbow.  I’ve been focusing a lot on my exercises though and it’s been feeling a lot better.  Little to no pain the next day after climbing so that’s promising.

Last week I was able to get out climbing two times.  The first day was at Railay.  I wanted to climb at Wee’s Present Wall but it was wet.  So we headed over to Muay Thai / 123 Wall to brave the crowds of guides and tourists.  Many of the routes here were wet too but we did manage to find some dry ones that were available.  The first was Nuat Hin 6a+ which I have climbed before.  A couple holds were damp but the important holds going through the crux were dry.  It’s a fun climb and one of my favorites on the wall.  Next was a route a few meters to the left.  It wasn’t in the guide book but didn’t look to hard.  I climbed it and thought it was about a 6a.  I heard someone else say it was rated 5.  So I’ll call it 5+ 🙂  It was a fun route.  Big holds on the start then climbing up some tufas near the top.  Then we ate lunch and headed over to Diamond Cave.  We climbed No Name 5 and Chock Dee 6a.

A few days later we kayaked over to Bat Cave.  I bought some titanium rings that came a few days before so brought both of my ropes and sacrifices part of my old rope to replace the anchors on two of the climbs because the old rope and rings though probably ok was looking a little sketchy.  We climbed Mini Kingdom 6a and Pick Pickets 6a+.  I was feeling lazy so let just climbed them on top rope.  Here’s the nice new anchors with 50kn titanium rings!


Mini Kingdom 6a anchor


Pick Pockets 6a+ anchor.


Another view of Pick Pockets 6a+ anchor.

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