Bat Cave Again!

Anong and I met Martin and Dorothea at Bat Cave a couple days ago.  We replaced the last anchor on the 6b+ / 6b route and are trying to figure out if it’s possible to add another anchor for the 6b route so they don’t need to share an anchor.  Here’s the old anchor:



I’m not sure what that red cord was doing on the anchor.  I guess it made it prettier.  The rope looked to be in pretty good condition but that ring isn’t exactly inspiring confidence.  In Thailand, stainless steel isn’t exactly stainless.

We got the anchor replaced without much trouble and I climbed each route once.  By then it was getting late and the tide was pretty low.  It was a pain in the ass getting the kayak out to deep enough water where it would float without scraping rocks under the water.  Then when back to Arawan we were quite a ways from the shore and I had to drag the kayak through very sticky mud with lots of sharp little shells in it.  I think it took 45 minutes or so to go the couple hundred yards to shore.  Not fun and I learned my lesson.  Go back before low tide!

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