Bat Cave + High Season

It’s the beginning of high season in Ao Nang now.  That means there are more people around.  Shops that have been closed the last few months are opening up and there seems to be a bit more energy in the air.  It also means the weather is starting to get nicer.  The last few days have been very nice and it’s been a couple weeks since that have been torrential down pours.  The last time I was at Chong Phli, everything was soaked.  So I’ve been climbing at Bat Cave a lot because it stays dry even when it rains.

I was at Bat Cave again, I think on Sunday and had a very pleasant day there today as well.  Last time nothing noteworthy took place.  Today, I redpointed the 6a+ for the first time.  Climbed the 6b on top rope but have all the beta figured out and will lead it next time.  Did one run on the 6b+.  I feel like I’ll be able to redpoint it soon then finished the day with a couple laps on the 6a.

According to this page, low tide was at 9:39am at a height of 1.89 meters.  I started paddling about noon and the water level was a little low but it didn’t cause any problems.  I paddled back a little after 4pm.  High tide was at 5:28pm and a height of 2.63 meters so the water level was nice and high.

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