Chong Phli!


EFZ. Still wet. A couple more weeks and it should be dry enough to climb.

Today, Martin and I went to Chong Phli and met Mike there.  Due to the rain, there haven’t been many people climbing there so everything is overgrown and there’s lots of moss and stuff growing on the rock.  It is in the jungle after all.  So we spent a few hours cleaning things up.  That’s a before picture.  I don’t have an after picture but it looks much better.

I also got to climb Momentum 6b on top rope then clean it and check slings on my way down.  The start was very wet so I cheated a lot by pulling on slings and bolts.  But the start isn’t really the crux anyways.  A third of the way up, things got better and I was able to enjoy the climb.  Happily I didn’t find it very difficult so maybe I haven’t lost as much strength as I thought.  Or maybe all the climbing I’ve been doing at Bat Cave the last couple weeks is paying off.

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