Tonsai with Joe!

A former co-worker / friend was coming to Thailand so we made plans to meet up.  We also ran into a few people I met in Chiang Mai.

Day 1 – Climbing at Cobra Wall.  Warmed up on Snake Whiskey 6a+.  After the warmup we met a couple girls climbing at the same wall.  One needed some chalk so I gave her some with a promise for a beer later on at Freedom Bar.  She also teaches yoga so we made plans for a yoga class on the beach in a couple days.  Then climbed Old Snake 6b.  I had tried this one before but needed to rest but today I redpointed it.  Feeling strong, I decided to push myself a little bit and try Baby Snake 6c.  It starts off very steep with big juggy holds.  Then it turns vertical and the climbing is much easier with a fun slightly tricky move near the anchor.  I needed several tries to get to the top but was happy I got up it.  This was it for the first day.  After climbing we head over to Freedom Bar to relax and so I can collect my beer.  But yoga girl does not show up 😦

Day 2 – Warm up on Cowabungalow 6b then walked over to Missing Snow 6b+ so I could try for a redpoint. I had to fight for it but I got the redpoint.  Yay!  My first 6b+ redpoint.  Then we walked over to Escher Wall on Pra Nang beach.  But lunch from the boats selling food then climbed Goodbye Salvador 6a+.  This was a pretty fun climb but it’s very weird at the anchor.  Long reachy moves.  Also, stay to the right.  Otherwise you end up on a 7a+ or something like that.  Joe figured it out the hard way and I learned from Joe’s experience.  Thanks Joe!  Glad Joe led it first and hung the quickdraws for me.  Then we walked through the cave and rappelled down Thaiwand wall.  It started to rain so we called it a day and relaxed at Freedom Bar on the beach.  Yoga girls show up and I got my beer.  Austin bought me a beer and I think Joe did too.  I probably bought myself one.  We had dinner somewhere and I’m sure I had beer with that.  Then maybe one more beer relaxing at a bar somewhere.  Somehow I got really drunk.

Day 3 – We planned this to be mostly a rest day and I needed it because I was really hungover.  We met the yoga girls (Megan, and one had a weird name I can’t remember) for a nice yoga class on the beach.  First time practicing on the beach.  It was nice but sandy.  Then we headed over to Eagle Wall with an old guy we met the day before.  I think he was about 70 and talked about climbing 6c’s and 7a’s.  I hope I’m that awesome when I’m 70.  So we warmed up on Where Eagles Don’t Dare 6a+.  Being rather hung over and seeing both Joe and Vince struggle on it a bit I took the easy way out and just top roped it.  Got up without too much trouble so next time I’m over there I’ll lead it.  It’s a nice long route with a good view at the top.  Next we climbed Spiderman 6a.  This is a 32 meter route that starts a few meters up on a ledge.  Well, my 70 meter rope was just long enough to belay from the ground.  By now feeling a bit better so I decided I should lead something and got on the sharp end.  Super long route with another good view at the top.  Rope drag was horrendous.  Enough climbing for today.  Anong and I head back to Ao Nang to have dinner with some friends.

Day 4 – Anong and I wake up early to get on the boat to Tonsai.  We decide to go back to Cobra Wall.  I want to send that 6c.  Warm up on Snake Skin 6a+.  Then try Baby Snake 6c again.  Sadly I did not send.  I peeled off the wall one move away from the easy section.  One or two more tries and I think I’ll be able to get it.  But now it’s lunch time so we meet Kat for lunch then head over to The Nest / Wild Kingdom and climb Banana Hammock 6a+.  This was a really good route.  Can’t believe I’ve been here a year now and have not done this one yet.  Good view and great climbing.

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