Tonsai – The Nest / Wild Kingdom

Anong and I met Martin yesterday morning for a day of climbing at Tonsai.  We went to The Nest / Wild Kingdom.  Warm up on Overstay 6b+.  Martin led it like a boss.  I was lazy and climbed on top rope.  Needed one take near the anchor but next time I will lead it.  Then we move one route to the left and try Mutual of Omaha 6c.  I continue my laziness and let Martin lead while I just climb on top rope.  This route has really fun moves.  Again I get it in one take and have to rest near the anchor.  Need to work on my endurance for these overhanging pumpy routes.

By now it’s time for lunch so we eat some food at the Thai restaurant near the wall.  The food was pretty good.  I had fried rice.

After lunch we head over to the left side of the wall and climb some easier routes.  I put up Banana Hammock 6a+.  For some reason I struggled a little more this time than the first time I climbed it but I got through the tricky part at the start and redpointed it.  Then, we head over to my nemesis from several months ago Caroline’s Last Day 6a.  I’ve redpointed 6b+ and 6c routes now but for some reason I can’t climb this 6a.  So Martin leads again.  Getting past the overhang feels a lot harder than 6a to me.  Similar to Mad Skills 6b at Chong Phli.  But I power through it then move up through the chimney-like tufas to the anchor.  Getting past my previous high point without any trouble.  So it was all mental.  I was thinking of leading it but decide to do one more lap on top rope and save the redpoint for another time.

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