Bat Cave Birthday

On the 15th, Martin had a birthday party at Bat Cave as well as a Buddhist ceremony.  The day started early as Anong and I went to the temple to take a couple monks to Arawan Resort then to Bat Cave.   The morning was dedicated to the ceremony then exploring the cave and relaxing on the beach.

Around 1pm the sun was no longer shining on the wall so we got started climbing.

I warmed up on Pick Pockets 6a+ while Martin put up Mini Kingdom 6a.  Then I moved over to Tai don’t die 6b and got the redpoint without too much trouble.  After that it was time for Don’t kill Killer 6b+.  This was my first time leading it but after Koh Phi Phi I was feeling strong and was feeling pretty good about redpointing it.  The route starts with some big moves to the first two bolts.  Then some balancy moves on smallish but good feet up to a steeper section and then the crux.  I was feeling a little tired and started to panic a little at the crux trying to remember the beta.  Luckily it came back to me and I was able to fight my way through the crux.  Now on easier ground and a good rest, I knew the redpoint was not far away.  I thought about calling it a day but decided I might as well do the last climb at Bat Cave so I quickly climbed Mini Kingdom 6a.

Both Martin and I sent all the climbs at Bat Cave.  I guess that means we don’t have to go back anymore.  But I like the climbs there so I’m sure we’ll be back.  For now I think I’ll focus on some new routes (for me) at Chong Phli and Ton Sai.

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