Chong Phli – Breaking News!!!

It rained a lot last night.  Actually it rained a lot the last two evenings.  Thinking Chong Phli would most likely be a bit wet Anong and I got a slow start, ate breakfast, relaxed a bit, then headed to Chong Phli a little after 10am.  Sure enough, things were a bit damp but not too bad and the routes I wanted to do were climbable.

We warmed up with a couple laps on EFZ 6a+.  The starting holds were wet but up higher it was good.  Then, my objective for the day: Pill Box 6b+.  Last time I tried leading this it was a bit of a shit show, getting stuck at nearly every clip.  This time, I cruised up without much difficulty.  So, it is with great pleasure that today I announce what is likely the first ascent of Pill Box by an American 39 year old male with red hair from Seattle Washington that is 178cm tall, weighs 72kg, and has a dodgy left elbow.  Where was Climbing Magazine to cover this historic occasion?

In other news, it looks like there are some new routes at Chong Phli on the back side.  Most are in the 7a to 8a range which is too hard for me right now but there are a few 6c’s I should be able to do.  Maybe in a few weeks I will try them.

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