Chong Phli – Hook, Line, Sinker

Yesterday I went to Chong Phli.  Not feeling particularly motivated but knew I needed to climb something.  So I warmed up on EFZ 6a+.  I wasn’t sure what to climb next but was feeling like I should push myself a little bit.  So I decided to try leading a route I had only climbed on top rope once several months ago.  I headed over to Hook, Line, Sinker 6b+.  I thought I was going to send but that idea was quickly dashed.  I had to rest in 3 or 4 spots to figure out beta.  But I got to the top then worked the route a couple more times on top rope.

Today I went back to Chong Phli.  I wanted to redpoint Hook, Line, Sinker.   So I started off the same as yesterday.  Then moved over to my goal for the day.  I started up and moved through all the parts that gave me trouble yesterday without too much trouble.  I even found easier beta when clipping the anchor.  I considered going home after this since I accomplished my goal for the day but decided I should climb Exfoliation 6a+.  I’ve never liked this route much.  The first half is ok but from the crux to the anchor never felt good to me.  But today I got up there and it wasn’t too bad.  I almost considered going for the 6c extension but I was feeling a little tired so I’ll save that for another day.

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