Chong Phli – Exposure

My short term goal is to climb all the 6b+’s and 6c’s at Chong Phli.  One of the routes I want to do is called Exposure.  It’s above Exfoliation and has two variations.  Go to the left and it’s a 6c.  Go straight up and it’s a 6c+.

But my stoke for climbing has been waning a little bit.  I knew I wanted to climb today but didn’t really know what to climb / wasn’t too excited for anything.  So Anong and I warmed up with a few laps on EFZ 6a+.  Then I decided I should climb Exfoliation 6a+.  If I’m going to do Exposure 6c/+ then I need to be able to climb Exfoliation perfectly in order to save my energy for the steep section.  So after climbing Exfoliation we met a British guy here on vacation who has been living in China.  It turns out he is a strong climber and didn’t have a guide book so I suggested here is a nice 6c here you can try 🙂  I wanted him to put up the 6c variation but he just went for it straight up and ended up doing the 6c+ without much trouble.  I did this variation once several weeks ago on top rope and struggled quite a bit.  I surprised myself a little bit and made it to the last bolt before the anchor before needing to rest.  Although the last section to the anchor wasn’t easy I was able to get it after a few minutes rest.  So now I’m feeling a little more stoked to push my grade again.  I need to train a bit and maybe a trip to Tonsai is in order to send some other projects I have to help get my confidence up but I think my first 6c+ isn’t too far away.

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