Chong Phli – Lazy Day

Yesterday.  Warm up on EFZ 6a+.  Then do a couple laps on Exfoliation 6a+.  I’m making progress on climbing this efficiently.  I feel only a little tired when I get to the anchor and there is a good spot to rest before it turns steep to recover some energy.  I know I should try the 6c+ lead now but I don’t feel mentally ready.  I want to build up some strength and endurance before I try and maybe con somebody into being my rope gun one more time so I can try it on top rope again.  Then we move over to Simon Sends 4 so Anong and I can practice multi-pitch skills and rappelling.

I had been taking it easy up till now because I wanted to try Chong Phli Posse 6c in the cave but as I rounded the corner I started to hear a loud buzzing sound.  It didn’t sound good.  Some time in the last week it appears a large colony of bees decided to move in.  There were a couple very large mean looking ones flying around and several smaller ones that were annoying.  Anong said their bite was very painful so we decided not to push our luck and called it a day.  I guess Chong Phli Posse and the other routes in the cave are going to have to wait until the bees move out.

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