Chong Phli – Quick Session

I went climbing at Chong Phli again today.  The goal was to get on Grace 7a again and refine the beta.  Unlike my last time on Grace, I didn’t think I might send and unlike last time at Gibbon Roof I did not send when I thought I wasn’t going to.  First I warmed up on Exfoliation 6a+ then moved over to Grace.  I moved well up to the bolt just before the crux before taking a small fall.  This was a new high point on lead so I was happy with my performance.  Then after a couple tries I was able to move through the crux.  But this doesn’t mean I cruised up to the anchor.  The next few moves are still difficult with bad feet and it’s farther to the next clip than I would like.  Took a “fall” will my waist at the bolt then lowered down.

Anong tried then I went again.  I climbed clean up to the last bolt I clipped, essentially climbing it on top rope.  Then climbing up a little higher so the bolt was at my knees before falling.  I let out a shriek, partly in terror, partly because it was a little fun.  The fall here isn’t bad at all so I just need to go for it despite the moves feeling bad.

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