Yesterday at Chong Phli

Wanted to get some volume in today but got a late start.  Again!  Nevertheless, I climbed a decent amount.

  1. EFZ 6a+, lead once, then two more laps on top rope.
  2. Momentum 6b, lead once, then two more laps top rope.
  3. The Dude Abides 6a+, lead once, then one more lap top rope.

Occasionally when climbing I’ll skip a bolt.  Usually it’s the first one off the ground or on very easy climbs mid route.  If I do skip, it’s always a conscious decision and I’m 100% confident I won’t fall before I reach the next bolt.  But on Momentum I found myself about a third of the way up and climbing past a bolt.  It’s not one I would normally skip.  I skipped it because even though I knew it was there from previous climbs, I forgot / didn’t see it on this climb.  But when it was at my knees I saw it and decided I should clip it.  I mention this because I thought it was a significant moment when I was just focused on climbing and not stressed out about reaching the next bolt.

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