Chong Phli – New Routes Again

A few days ago I sent the middle 6a+ (one route left of the 5).  This route is a bit of a scary lead for me.  Even though there isn’t too much space between the bolts & slings I find myself clipping with a couple bolts at my chest or waist which means I’m standing a few feet above the last bolt.

Then yesterday I climbed the 6a+ again then moved the rope over to the anchor for the 6a.  I projected that route which took me a few tries to figure out beta that feels good to me.  It starts off as a chimney climb between a couple big tufas.  Not the style of climbing I usually do so it feels a bit harder than 6a to me but I’m sure it’s a 6a.

In other news, it looks like another new route is going in to the left of the 6a.  I heard it might be a 6c / 6c+.

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