Climbing – Chong Phli

Last Wednesday Anong and I went climbing at Chong Phli.  We did a little climbing with Martin and met Tamryn there later in the day.  We warmed up on EFZ 6a+, then Anong led Zak Attack 5 which I happily repeated on top rope.  After that I climbed Exfoliation 6a+ then put up Chutzpah 6a+ so I could try Hunting Shrooms 6c+ on top rope.  I think I climbed Hunting Shrooms twice and have mostly gotten the beta of the crux figured out.  I should lead it but I’m still scared.  By this time the sun was coming onto the main wall so we headed around to the back.  Martin put up Early experiments in transportation 6c.  I tried it two times on top rope.  It was a little tricky figuring out the crux.  Second time I climbed it cleanly.  Then we did It’s a Mammoth 6a.  By now I was really hungry and tired.  We packed up and headed home.

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