Monthly Archives: May 2017


I am finishing up my 4th trip to Vientiane Laos.  Thailand is going to let me stay in the country 3 more months.  There’s not much to do in Vientiane.  I’ve seen everything already.  So I passed most of my time thinking about my life, walking along the Mekong River, and watching youtube videos 🙂  I did eat some good food.  I tried a new French restaurant near the hotel I stayed at and visited the Chok Dee Cafe again.

Yesterday was a Thai holiday which means the embassy was closed.  Which means I got my visa a day late.  There was a small chance I would make my flight home.  Right after I got my passport back I headed to the airport.  I got to the airport 20 minutes before my flight left.  But by then the check-in counters were closed already.  So I missed my flight but was able to book a new flight a few hours later.  So now I have some time to kill in the airport.


A taxi from the airport to any place in the city center costs 57,000 kip.  The hotel I stayed at books a taxi from the hotel to the airport for 60,000 kip.  I planned to take a tuk tuk from the embassy straight to the airport.  I asked the tuk tuk driver how much.  He said 100,000 kip!  I said why so much?  He said how much do you want to pay?  I said a taxi is 60,000.  He came down to 80,000 then I said 70,000 which the tuk tuk driver agreed to.  I thought I did pretty good.  Don’t let the tuk tuk drivers overcharge.


The Benefit of Chanting & Prayer

The benefit of chating and prayer from the book “Buddhist Handbook – Routine Praying with Translations” from the temple Sunantawanaram in Kanchanaburi province.  It is my translation from Thai so I’m sure there are a few mistakes.

  1. It Can make everything have an aesthetic quality if the religious teachings can be considered while praying.
  2. It can quickly make your mind peaceful.
  3. It can easily make your mind wholesome.
  4. It’s practical for preparing the mind to practice Buddhist meditation.
  5. If chant loudly, allowing that there is someone can hear and in a humble manner, then they can also receive the benefit.
  6. If the chant is routine it is considered as if behaving morally, meditation, intelligence, like having order.  Can count on reaching The Triple Gem eternally.
  7. It is considered as if helping each other to take care of the teachings of monks virtuous Buddha animistic spirit can declare it is good.  It can also probably pass the benefit on to your descendents.