The Benefit of Chanting & Prayer

The benefit of chating and prayer from the book “Buddhist Handbook – Routine Praying with Translations” from the temple Sunantawanaram in Kanchanaburi province.  It is my translation from Thai so I’m sure there are a few mistakes.

  1. It Can make everything have an aesthetic quality if the religious teachings can be considered while praying.
  2. It can quickly make your mind peaceful.
  3. It can easily make your mind wholesome.
  4. It’s practical for preparing the mind to practice Buddhist meditation.
  5. If chant loudly, allowing that there is someone can hear and in a humble manner, then they can also receive the benefit.
  6. If the chant is routine it is considered as if behaving morally, meditation, intelligence, like having order.  Can count on reaching The Triple Gem eternally.
  7. It is considered as if helping each other to take care of the teachings of monks virtuous Buddha animistic spirit can declare it is good.  It can also probably pass the benefit on to your descendents.

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