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Another Year in Siam


Coming into Bangkok from Vientiane

I am writing this as I wait for my airplane from Vientiane, Laos back to Thailand.  I thought I would be going back to Bangkok but instead I am going back to Ao Nang.  A lot has happened over the last three months.  I guess most of it is too personal to share here.  It is amazing how isolated one can feel in a big city like Bangkok.  I have no friends there so I decided to come back to Ao Nang where I still have a few friends.  Where I can climb, and go diving, etc…  Life is easier in Ao Nang.


My life in November, 2014


My life in August, 2017

2 years and 9 months have passed since I first came to Thailand.  It’s weird to see that in writing.  When I first came here I thought I would stay for a year.  Maybe two.  But now it’s almost three years and I’ll most likely stay up to one more year.  But I’m still not sure.  I think these two pictures sum things up pretty well.  2 years and 9 months ago things were nice and tidy with only a little extra baggage.  I still have the old bags but now they are a little dirty and worn.  I also have a few new bags, things are not quite so neat and tidy anymore.  So, what’s taking up so much space in all these extra bags?

  • Diving gear.
  • A foam roller.
  • Running shoes.
  • Climbing shoes and other gear.
  • Some new clothes.
  • Ceramic plates and bowls acquired in Chiang Mai.
  • A handmade blanket also acquired in Chiang Mai.
  • Hardware and other electronics I use for work.
  • Various household items that should make like easier.
  • Several books, mostly for learning Thai.
  • Gopro camera and accessories.

Most of this is stuff I want to keep.  But I don’t really need it.  I also brought a bunch of stuff to Thailand that I don’t really need, I probably only needed three bags.  I’ve learned a lot about myself over the last six months.  I’m going to try to be alone for a little while.  I’ll focus on work, climbing, running, diving, learning Thai, and simplifying my life.  I’ll see if I can get it back down to 4 bags but that might not be possible.  I’ll be happy with 5 too.